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Privacy Policy

     All information you provide when you become a member is protected by the system where the product database is protected. undertakes not to disclose personal and sensitive information gathered from users to users for any reason other than legal requirements, without the user's consent and not to share or misuse such information with third parties or organizations. You can unsubscribe at any time. If you leave the membership, all your information will be deleted and will not be used outside of your request.

User Security and Privacy
In order to allow users to access the site effortlessly and to secure data security more quickly, users are sent data to users' web browsers called "cookies". The user may delete or not use these cookies. The purpose of the cookie is to tell the web server that you are re-visiting that site. It is a special cookie, does not hold any other information and can only be read from the recorded server

Data Usage
General user information (name, name, e-mail, address, telephone, etc.) you enter when you register to only uses or shares with the partners to make the services provided by the site more effective. These services; to inform users of price discounts and campaigns;

User Considerations
In addition to all security measures taken by the site, it is important for the user to take some security measures. Your browser security settings to be up-to-date and current, necessary antivirus and so on. such as installing software, keeping your passwords or important personal information on your computer.

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